1. Washington Measles Outbreak Ignites State of Emergency

    State of Washington declared health emergency after reports of measles cases (RxWiki News) After reports of more than two dozen cases of measles, the governor of Washington declared a state public health emergency. Now, Washington has seen 35 total measles cases (34 cases in Clark County and one cas…Read More

  2. More Blood Pressure Medications Recalled

    Losartan, valsartan and irbesartan products recalled due to possible cancer-causing impurity (RxWiki News) If you take losartan or a product containing valsartan, you may have a recalled and potentially dangerous medication in your medicine cabinet, according to the US Food and Drug Administratio…Read More

  3. When the Weather Outside Is Frightful

    Three winter safety and health recommendations for children (RxWiki News) Few things stick in a child’s memory more than a perfect snow day. To ensure these winter play days aren't tainted by injury or illness, parents should be aware of the dangers tied to the coldest time of the year. The Americ…Read More